Beef Shares

Our heritage Randall genetics produce beef that is tender and well marbled on the all-grass diet cattle evolved to thrive on.

We have 20 lb boxes of beef (- one sixteenth of a steer). The boxes contain mixed cuts. Because we sell in units, we can offer these shares at $12/lb or $240 a box. Boxes include a share of high and medium priced cuts as well as some ground beef and stew meat. We are happy to help you choose a mixed box that works for you over the phone or will show you some choices at the farm.

We are taking orders by e-mail or phone. Contact us for more info:
phone: 518-392-0063

How big is a box? 20 lbs of beef fits into a half bushel box.

Will it fit in my freezer? Two half bushel boxes fit into a standard kitchen freezer top unit.

How long do I have to eat the beef? The beef will keep beautifully in the freezer for about a year.

How was the meat processed? Everything is vacuumed sealed and cut by a USDA approved butcher. We work with a butcher that custom cuts for us. His operation is small scale, very clean and professional and we have been very pleased with the final product.

Why is this beef different then beef I can buy elsewhere? The animals are lovingly raised on our organic pastures. They are a rare breed and we raise the females for stock for sale to homestead farmers. We have meat as a byproduct of raising stock. The sale of meat allows us to meet some of our costs for keeping the herd. Our beef is from 2 year old steers, which for our breed is optimum.

Will the meat be tender? The grassfed genetics of these animals produces a superior meat. If you have had grassfed beef before and it has been tough or gamey, most grassfed cattle do not have grassfed genetics. With Randall genetics you get an animal that finishes with perfectly marbled tender meat.

Will the meat be good? Will I notice the difference? Many of our customers have told us this is the best meat they have ever tried.

A little bit about Randalls at Little Seed

Randall cattle derived from Channel Island cattle that became a land race in the hilltowns of Vermont in the colonial era. The remaining cattle were stabilized as a breed on the farm of Everett Randall in Woodstock, Vermont. After his death, the herd dwindled to 18 individuals. At that point, Cynthia Creech intervened to rescue the herd from extinction. Our farm has been raising Randalls for fifteen years in hopes of continuing the breed for future generations. The cows are excellent mothers. We have never had to intervene in a birth. They thrive on an all grass diet. They are hardy and healthy and naturally intelligent. At our farm, the cattle keep their horns and tails and live outside year round. Mothers and their babies stay together and the calves are naturally weaned at about 9 months. In contrast to a 1.5 lactation lifespan of a dairy Holstein raised in industrial conditions, Randalls will have a calf for about 16-18 years. Our oldest cow Nellie has had 12 calves thus far and is still the herd boss. When you purchase meat from Little Seed you are helping us to keep this wonderful breed thriving for the future. There are currently less than 500 of these Randalls in the world.