Willy and Claudia began Little Seed Gardens out of their passion for gardening and their desire to integrate work, home and family life. Willy likes old tractors, roads with pot holes and emerald waves of salad mix blowing in the wind. He takes on the task of organizing and implementing production of our 20 acres of vegetables. He has a profound commitment to working with the natural cycles, and building the farm's soil life. Claudia was drawn into a life of farming through the joy of playing in the dirt and a desire to live well. She is motivated to farm by the desire to create healthy human community co existing peacefully.

They have been using Holistic Resource Management as a decision making model for Little Seed for the last 20 years. Claudia and Willy work as sustainable food system activists on projects with diverse stakeholders. They offer on farm mentoring to young farmers and mentor through NOFA New York.


Portrait by Mae DK